To reduce the amount of recoverable paper that goes to landfill by progressively increasing the paper recover rate. We will do this by promoting the concept of reuse...


OBJECTIVE: To promote paper recycling in South Africa
STRATEGY: Increase education and awareness about the recovery of paper...

Broad Objectives

  • Promote a culture of recycling
  • Contribute to the preservation and protection of our environment
  • Promote and support paper waste reduction, reuse and recycling.

Why Recycle ?

  • A cleaner environment
  • Job creation
  • Reduced costs to local authorities
  • Keeps carbon dioxide and harmful gases like methane out of the atmosphere

Recycle your paper - clean our country clean, support job creation and reduce pollution

Get your hands dirty for Clean-Up SA Week

    The Paper Recycling Association of South Africa is calling on South Africans to give our country a spring clean.

  • 2014 Clean-Up SA and Recycle Week from 15-20 September
  • National Recycling Day on Friday, 19 September
  • 29th International Coastal Clean-Up Day on Saturday, 20 September
  • Gather family, friends and colleagues to give a few hours back to Mother Nature by picking up litter in your local community.Whether you choose a lake or beach, a mountain or valley, a park or pavement, make a morning of it and make a difference.

    The project also encourages recreational and sporting clubs to pick up litter in the places in which they “play”.

    How to get involved

  • Visit and to check the events line-up for your area.You can also host your own clean-up operation – with friends or family, your sports club or place of work.

  • Connect with the regional coordinator and register your event to receive special Clean-Up SA bags or simply use standard refuse bags.

  • Wear protective gloves and shoes and get going.

  • Clean up and separate waste into the various recyclables and non-recyclables – make it easier by assigning people to collect certain items: Paper, cardboard, milk and juice cartons; plastic, cans and glass; and non-recyclable waste – wet or soiled paper, tissues, chip packets, used cement bags, nappies, food waste.

  • Go to to find your nearest recycling drop-off site.