To reduce the amount of recoverable paper that goes to landfill by progressively increasing the paper recover rate. We will do this by promoting the concept of reuse...


OBJECTIVE: To promote paper recycling in South Africa
STRATEGY: Increase education and awareness about the recovery of paper...

Broad Objectives

  • Promote a culture of recycling
  • Contribute to the preservation and protection of our environment
  • Promote and support paper waste reduction, reuse and recycling.

Why Recycle ?

  • A cleaner environment
  • Job creation
  • Reduced costs to local authorities
  • Keeps carbon dioxide and harmful gases like methane out of the atmosphere

Welcome to the Paper Recycling Association of South Africa

Benefits of recycling paper

  • Plantation trees, from which paper is made, help to absorb carbon dioxide from and release oxygen into the atmosphere. The trees, and thus paper and wood products, store this carbon as solid matter. By recycling paper, we can ensure that this carbon is kept out of the atmosphere for longer. If you do not recycle, paper will rot among other rubbish and emit gases such as methane and carbon dioxide.
  • By recycling, you contribute to less pollution and litter thus creating a healthier, greener and cleaner society.
  • Paper can be recycled at least seven times. New wood fibre from new timber is thus required to keep the paper cycle going.
  • Recycling paper can save up to three cubic metres of landfill space per ton and subsequently reduce transport costs for local municipalities.
  • Total paper recovered in SA in 2012 was enough to fill 1,380 Olympic-size swimming pools.
  • With 65% of recovered paper used as raw material in paper mills, more than half of the country‚Äôs paper mills depend on recycled fibre and many of them use it as their only fibre source.
  • As with the pulp and paper manufacturing industry, paper recycling creates employment and economic empowerment opportunities.